Tax time!

taxtime It is tax time, so many small business owners are looking at summary financial information about their business for the first time in twelve months.

Some business owners are shocked as they look at their high tax bill, saying, “There is no way I made that much! It certainly doesn’t show in my checking account!”

Others are shocked saying, “I can’t believe I worked as hard as I did and made less than most hourly employees.”

Many business owners avoid a frequent review of financial statements because:

  • The financial statements generated by their financial software are inaccurate, difficult to read, and even harder to interpret.
  • When they have questions about what is in the financial statements, they don’t have anyone to help them understand.

We help business owners create financial statements that are easy and quick to read and help create understanding of what the numbers mean. With properly prepared and formatted financial statements reviewed monthly, a business owner is in a position to make frequent minor business adjustments on a monthly basis, rather than dealing with the shock of what the numbers say once per year.

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