Business Consulting Services & Pricing

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Ongoing Business Consulting

Gain Valuable Insight Into Your Business 1The cost of recurring, ongoing consulting varies greatly depending on the size and needs of your company.  Usually, there is an implementation period to establish proper systems followed by less intensive recurring consulting to manage ongoing business developments.

Ongoing consulting costs can range from $300 per month up to several thousand monthly, depending on your specific need.  A detailed scope of service and fixed price for those services will always be provided prior to starting recurring consulting.


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Outsourced Accounting Or Bookkeeping

Outsourcing finance functions makes sense for several reasons:

Business Accounting and CFO Services in Idaho

  • Staff is needed, but not on a full-time basis
  • Expertise is needed beyond the level of the current staff
  • Temporary need due to peaks in workload or temporary staff absence
  • Desire to focus management attention on other critical business areas rather than on managing accounting staff.

We can provide bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, or CFO-level accounting staff for any of your needs.

Price: Quoted per hour or fixed bid based on defined scope of work.

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Focused Project Consulting

If you have a specific area that you need help with, we will provide focused consulting limited to a specific scope. Price varies depending upon the project scope. Prices will be provided before commencing work.


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