Is there a better way?

We all have habits-some that keep us on course, and some that prevent us from reaching our potential.  From time to time it is good for all of us to look at what we do and ask, “Is there a better way?”

Most businesses do pretty well with their accounting but also have a few areas that are lacking.  Should you consider another way to approach your business accounting that could yield improved results?

I’d like to spend a little time with you exploring that question.  A little bit of focused consulting could magnify the benefit of the investment you put into your business accounting.  Here are a few areas where some limited consulting may yield a great benefit:

  • Part-time CFO—Large businesses pay large amounts for CFO expertise-your business could benefit from similar expertise, but not on a full-time basis.
  • Cash flow vs. Profit—Are you tired of paying taxes on your “profit” while cash doesn’t seem to increase?
  • Fraud prevention—How much could one of your employees embezzle without you knowing?
  • Candidate selection—Accounting is not your area of focus, and it would be helpful to have an accounting expert evaluate candidates’ technical accounting skills.
  • Paying someone full-time for what could be done with part-time work—Do you pay an accountant for full time work that could be done for less with part-time bookkeepers and a contracted accountant?
  • Business system setup -Are your accounting systems efficient?  Are there processes or reporting that could be automated?
  • Business system security and redundancy -Are your business systems secure?   Do you have a plan to recover from system failure?  What would happen if your office burned down tomorrow?

I hope to have the chance to explore how I could partner with you to make your business more successful.  Please call me (208-557-8725) to schedule a preliminary no-cost session to discuss your business needs together.

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