Gain Valuable Insight Into Your Business

Proper insight is invaluable. Often as small business owners we rely on instinct, and it often serves us well. However, there are times when hard data is needed to challenge our perceptions.

Business Accounting and CFO Services

The story is told of a great sea ship that became lost at sea. As fresh water reserves were depleted, the crew was dying of thirst. The wind was light and they made little progress against the natural sea currents. On the edge of death, the crew saw another ship that came into view. The crew called out in agony for some life-saving fresh water.

The reply came, “lower your buckets and drink”. The thirsty crew was perplexed, they knew that drinking the salty sea water would just accelerate the dehydration and surely kill them quicker.

What the crew didn’t know, was that they were struggling in the mouth of the great Amazon River, a fresh water river that in places is over 30 miles wide. The crew had suffered needlessly for days while an abundance of fresh life giving water flowed beneath them.

There are several tools and processes that we can help you use to gain valuable insight into your business. Some of these processes and tools include:

  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Resource Budgeting & Allocation
  • Blind Spot Avoidance
  • Quantitative Decision support
  • Margin Analysis
  • Pinch Point Management
  • Cash Flow Measures/Protection
  • Overhead/Expense Evaluation


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